I’ve had the privilege of trading alongside Kyle for nearly 3 years now. In that time I’ve seen him grow a $15,000 account to nearly $2 million at the age of 26. He’s an amazing trader and wonderful teacher of trading as well. He’s spent countless hours teaching Jason Bond Picks clients and has a big following in my service.

Jason Bond

One of the first trade alerts I got from Kyle was on biotech stocks MRNS and BLRX a few weeks ago. After doing my own research, I bought both of them with a speculative bet of $24k. In less than a month I’m now sitting on OVER $35,000 on these trades. Thanks so much Kyle! Keep them coming!!!

Jeff Bishop

Made $2100 last week on SRPT!


Kyle I made about $500 off PTN…in at .57 sold at .605


Kyle…I made about $800ish on PTN and approx $400 on ACRX..also in on CLDX and currently even


Kyle: 3000 CLDX in 3.69,  o 3.74


Up $800 as of right now on PTN


Kyle, Cleared $8,000 on SRPT last week