I bought ONCS at $1.20 and sold at $2.10!!! I woke up with overwhelming profit!! Thank you sooo much for all your guidance with all your trades and all your educational materials. I’m forever grateful for this! Few months ago i signed up in your membership with a goal to save enough money for my full time school next year. Now, not only i’ve managed to save enough money but also, i am finally going home to Philippines to see my parents after 2 years!!! … 2 years!!!! Cause i couldn’t afford to go home before. I’d rather send money than pay for my flight!! I’m using my profits from this one to buy myself a flight back home and take my mama and papa to a nice treat!!!

Thank you thank you!! Thank you to Your team!!!

Love you all!

Ciara C.

$930 on CASI

Al Mart. : Oct 11, 6:55 AM

 Out of CASI for +$1,540

Charlie R. : Oct 11, 6:54 AM

+$639 on AMMA run

Michael C. : Oct 11, 6:50 AM

Out BPTH +$1,300

M J : Oct 11, 6:44 AM

+$1,949 on CASI

Albert V. : Oct 11, 6:41 AM

CASI profit $420 within 5 minutes

Huy N : Oct 11, 6:41 AM

Kyle- first- I am really enjoying learning so much so far ( and I have so much more to learn too- have been enjoying the videos that i have watched so far). I was looking for a way to have access to some the stocks that make up the WSJ Percentage daily gainers – as usually half are Biotech’s- and your service aides greatly in that manner – plus the idea of using the catalyst dates as buy and sell signals is a great way to mitigate downside risk- if the trial ends up a bad one.

CRMD– +$220 – 1 day

ITEK– $690

MNOV – +$226

MOSY -$100

OPTT -$140

PXLW (Keith) +$140

Total =+$1,036

thanks again- and keep up the great work- lastly i really like the way you treat this as a communal type of effort – it help lends support and affirmation for the folks involved.

Bob B.

In my opinion Kyle has no competition when it comes to teaching. He hits all the right buttons with his excellent teaching style and vastly superior manner. He’s 100 years old in a young man’s body.

Keith E. : Oct 10, 11:28 AM

Kyle, has really helped me in the patience area, and showing me how to play Bio stocks. He is by far the best out there.

Steve Apt. : Oct 10, 11:06 AM