10:03 am matt pad.: out ATNM +1800, Thanks Kyle for the idea!!

10:58 am thomas pau.: ATNM, got out at 1.45, happy with profit, but that’s a nice run past 1.60

11:21 am g ath.: 2 of the big wins off your list today… BIOC and ANTM both 20% plus

11:23 am jerry bow.: thanks for the heads up last night  me 2700 ATNM


08:53 am virgil ard.: took half BIOC @1.99 +350

09:11 am petra hes.: Good morning I took the bag of money from the BIOC man this morning  19%

09:38 am virgil ard.: yes scaled out half 1.99, half 2.21 holding 1k

09:40 am tino dib.: Out @ 2.22for 36 % gain ! …. thankyou Kyle and Petra for reminding me to take the money at the door 🙂


11:15 am paolo gar.: out PULM +14%, kyle it’s fun watching you trade man.  Precision is textbook

11:22 am johnny l.: Great call on PULM Kyle!  Made $600 day trading it today!  Thank you!

11:28 am derek gia.: Those that haven’t already, you should really consider Kyle’s service. His trades and reports are on point! It’s a great service!


11:10 am tino dib.: Wow nice trade Kyle I just got out at $ 1.37 for a 26 % gain … thanks Kyle 🙂

11:12 am kevin ell.: out PULM +1,222, thanks Kyle!

11:12 am tino dib.: @ Kyle … Thanks for your teachings and lessons … reached my goal for the day .. now off to Curling and then Tennis 🙂

11:04 am michael bac.: out PULM with 12% nice  trade Kyle


Kyle’s service is one of the best. He’s thorough and patient and has a way of teaching that is easy to understand, the videos and webinars are instructive and great to refer back to. He really goes out of his way to mentor and does exhaustive research on each stock he recommends and keeps after them. He never throws out a pick of the day and moves on. Having Kyle as a mentor was the right choice to make me a better trader. I can’t recommend Kyle’s service enough!


I just wanted to send you a quick not to give you some feedback on your service. My first word is OUTSTANDING !! You are a natural teacher and it comes through loud and clear that you want all your clients to learn and prosper. In all my years of trading I have never been part of a service that delivers beyond my expectations every day. Your short videos, webinars and daily chats in the room have taught me so much to apply to all my trades not just Biotech’s. I have had some very nice winning trades with the service and continue to hold a nice green biotech portfolio. This never happened until your service. You have shown me how to be profitable trading these crazy stocks and that for me makes your service priceless. I am looking forward to furthering my education with your help in 2017.

Have a prosperous 2017.

Petra Hess

Hi Kyle, Wanted to pass along a brief note on what a great job you have done since the start of the service. I love the reports which are full of information which saves me a tremendous amount of time on research and helps me make better trade choices.

I’ve listed a few of the wins below:

MDGN – $1371 QURE – $ 1198 VSR. – $ 2725 CEMP – $ 675

These are just a few of the winning trades I’ve made with your service.

Thanks for all you do I’ll try and give a total at the end of the year.


Thank you so much for your call on SKLN. $22K gain, thanks to you! My biggest gain EVER.
Your guidance is really yielding great rewards, as you predicted once the IBB would come out of the Oct. decline. I continue to appreciate the most how I am learning to trade more intelligently with both swing and day trade positions. Knowing what I know now about your service (less than 2 months after you initiated it), I would have paid twice the amount to join.



Just a quick note to say thank you. I made $4821 from AKAO, my BIGGEST WIN EVER! My second biggest win, HTBX was also from your watchlist. So glad that I found this place. The education videos are awesome. Your insights on each stock on the watchlists really helps me pick a safer stock that I’m comfortable playing.

Thanks again for the great service!



10:00 am leroy eif.: Im out again too +600

10:01 am david jem.: only did 1k shares.. still too nervous to do more yet but thanks Kyle 😉

10:03 am thomas h.: out the rest at 2.14.  Thanks Kyle!

10:07 am kevin ell.: Out CTRV +1,300, thanks Kyle!

10:08 am leroy eif.: OUT CTRV +930 on day think im done with it too
10:18 am william hed.: crtv gave a nice ride up 860 this morning

Chat Room: CTRV