11:06 am wanda hop.: One of the things I so appreciate about you is the way you answer the same questions over and over without the least hint of impatience. Clearly, you have new people all the time and will get the same questions, but even so, you make each person feel like they are asking an important question that you are happy to address.


10:48 am lynn lev.: I like that there is follow up teaching on the watch lists, so we are learning even if the stock wasn’t a winner. This keeps the learning continuous and consistent.


10:40 am bruce lon.: teaching aspect is excellent. you really spend the time to teach us. success is by us learning and applying those learnings and find our own trades.


10:36 am john all.: The thing that surprrsed me the most is the team environment here in the chat room.  Everyone is patting each other on the back, and supporting those that are down.  Possibly you could advertise the teamwork?


10:34 am matthew ala.: Kyle, I have to agree with Peter… this room is one of the BEST rooms hands down. Without mentioning names, I have subscribed to ALOT of other gurus and by far you have the most Air time and have more live discussions than anyone I have ever subscribed to.  This is TRULY a great service!


10:20 am john bai.: Kyle, I really like the mentoring you provide, and the daily scans, and the recap videos puts us on a fast track


10:11 am peter heg.: Kyle – can’t thank you and Carl enough for your teachings.  I never used to be able to trade these momentum plays and now it almost and I stress almost seems easy

10:18 am peter heg.: Kyle – biggest surprise for me after joining Nucleus was the quantity and quality of educational content


10:10 am cooley chr.: Kyle – thx for last night’s webinar, you’re dedicated and extremely helpful.  Learning a ton.  Excellent service.


09:51 am peter heg.: sold another 1/4 PULM +.50

09:58 am william pin.: PULM. + 6000.00

10:02 am kevin ell.: there we go, out PULM +2300 on that double top

10:02 am peter heg.: sold another 1/4 PULM + .70

10:02 am luc dao.: Great way to start the weekend for PULM. Ride off into the sun with your Wheel barrel of money 🙂

10:06 am peter heg.: closed out PULM +$1140

10:13 am john all.: took a dip into PULM again, +1100

10:24 am xavier bra.: learning from too many past mistakes, closing up for the day and not losing my $2k PULM profits. have a good weekend

$PULM 3/17

09:46 am scott coc.: out PULM +273

09:47 am peter heg.: sold 1/4 PULM +.40/share

09:48 am dennis uy .: took profits PULM wooohooo!

09:48 am xavier bra.: Thanks Kyle, $2,000 on Pulm

09:48 am dennis uy .: Kyle!! i played it from your lessons!!!!

09:49 am bruce lon.: PULM, $1000. nice start

09:49 am g ath.: caught a 40c move on PULM

09:49 am john all.: Bam +2657.20 on PULM

$PULM 3/17