Sep 25, 9:14 AM: Been here for a month and love what you’re doing Kyle

Rob L.

Sep 25, 9:14 AM: I was day one nucleus member as well but I had to take a few months off for personal reasons but now I’m back baby.

Michael S.

Sep 25, 9:14 AM: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The value in Nucleus is the education -not the trade alerts.

Peter H.

Sep 25, 9:13 AM: Kyle, you’re not only an excellent trader, but you’re really good at what you provide in the way of teaching and instruction. Level-headed, smart and always willing to share insight (even multiple times). Thank you very much!

Scott A.

Kyle, I can’t believe we’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the launch of BioTech Breakouts? I’ve been a member since day 1. Time sure flies by when your having fun. Thanks for all your teaching and a great year. The Service has changed a lot all for the better!

Gary D.

What I really like about the Nucleus is being able to ask as many questions as I need to. Even when he is busy he gets to them whether its in chat or PM. And Kyles teaching style really suits me.

Khalid G.

As you all have seen today Kyle is an excellent trader. I’ve been in the Nucleus service from the beginning and his mentorship turned my trading around completely well worth the cost.

David S.

Nucleus, I love it. It was a eye opener for me, totally changed my thinking toward trading from the point of Traders sentiments, Risk management, taking control of bad habits of bag holding, over trading and a lot of learning on technical analysis,fundamental analysis and trading strategy.

Arvind J.

Sep 19, 12:27 PM David Sanders: 3 trades today +$540, total for week +$1270




11:06 am wanda hop.: One of the things I so appreciate about you is the way you answer the same questions over and over without the least hint of impatience. Clearly, you have new people all the time and will get the same questions, but even so, you make each person feel like they are asking an important question that you are happy to address.