Biotech Catalyst Swing Trading

When you join this program, you’ll receive expertly-researched watch lists, buy / sell alerts with catalyst events, plus portfolio summaries sent directly to your inbox. All designed to help you consistently find and target high-potential trades in today’s ever-changing biotech sector.

Here’s all you get when you join BioTech Breakouts Today

Biotech Watch Lists

Our “member’s only” watch list will be delivered to your inbox, helping you focus on highest-potential trades*

Catalyst Trade Alerts

Real-time buy & sell alerts with catalyst events sent direct to your email inbox and via text message

Portfolio Summaries

You’ll get regular portfolio summaries with charts and detailed explanations on why I’m trading specific stocks*

Expert Biotech Insights

You’ll get expert advice, commentary, and actionable insights that help you make more profitable Biotech trades

World-Class Support

Kyle Dennis and his helpful member success team is here to help you achieve your trading goals*

Your Success is Our Mission

Helping you bec
ome a smarter, richer and more successful trader is our mission here at BioTech Breakouts*

Biotech Stock Watch List

As a member, you’ll receive our exclusive watch list sent direct to your inbox. This carefully-researched list complete with upcoming catalyst events, will show you the exact companies I’m following, and help you to consistently find and target high-potential trades in today’s ever-changing biotech sector.

Catalyst Buy Alerts

You’ll also receive buy alerts delivered directly to your inbox with information on the exact stocks I’m buying. The volume of alerts will fluctuate depending on market conditions. These alerts will be sent to you by email and text message, so you won’t miss another profitable trading opportunity.

Catalyst Sell Alerts

And when it’s time to exit a stock, I’ll personally send you a sell alert via email and text message. This way, you’ll have the best possible opportunity to cash in when market conditions are right, and the stock is ready for profit-taking.

Weekly Portfolio Summaries

Unlike many self-proclaimed stock market experts, who talk the talk, but don’t really walk the walk, I invest my own money into each and every trade I recommend to BTB members. My goal is to be as transparent as possible. That’s why I’ll be sending you weekly portfolio summaries with in-depth charts, analysis and commentary on how and why I’m structuring my portfolio in a certain way. Ultimately, I want to help you become a Biotech expert who can independently find, research and trade stocks for optimum wealth accumultation while generating, market-crushing gains… consistently!*

Why BioTech Breakouts is an Outstanding Solution for Smart Investors and Traders

“As a member BioTech Breakouts, you’re going to directly benefit from my combined knowledge in science, finance, and technical charting. I combine these disciplines to put together the best, high-potential Biotech trading opportunities.*

I continually scan the market for the best catalysts, and look into a company’s financial filings to uncover the inside scoop on what it’s doing with its capital. Then, I evaluate how the company is structured taking into account important factors like warrants, compensation, etc, and then calculate what kind of price movement to expect.* These critical aspects of small-cap trading are typically overlooked by the vast majority of so-called experts, traders and investors.* Especially beginners.

By taking this market-tested, systematic approach, I create a unique synergy of these 3 key aspects to deliver my clients and subscribers trading opportunities that offer a high probability of success with favorable risk to reward ratios.*

Most sites out there don’t implement these key aspects so they end up buying companies for the wrong reasons. Companies that are extremely risky. Almost none of these services actually teach you how to pick Biotech stocks on your own. They make erroneous picks because they basie their recommendations on minimal research. Furthermore, they don’t help their subscribers develop the key skills they need to make smart, profitable trades.

Here at BioTech Breakouts, my mission goes beyond showing you the stocks I’m personally trading, I’ll also be teaching you how to research and pick companies on your own, so you can ultimately become an highly-successful trader who can build wealth independently.*

I’m sincerely looking forward to working with you soon.”

Kyle Dennis

Director & Co-Founder

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Biotech Catalyst
Swing Trading

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$ 399 / quarterly


What you get as a swing trading member:

  • Biotech Watch Lists
  • Catalyst Buy/Sell Trade Alerts (email & text)
  • Weekly Portfolio Summaries
  • Expert Biotech insights
  • World-Class Training & Support


Jason Bond

I've had the privilege of trading alongside Kyle for nearly 3 years now. In that time I've seen him grow a $15,000 account to nearly $2 million at the age of 26. He's an amazing trader and wonderful teacher of trading as well. He's spent countless hours teaching Jason Bond Picks clients and has a big following in my service.

Jeff Bishop

One of the first trade alerts I got from Kyle was on biotech stocks MRNS and BLRX a few weeks ago. After doing my own research, I bought both of them with a speculative bet of $24k. In less than a month I'm now sitting on OVER $35,000 on these trades. Thanks so much Kyle! Keep them coming!!!

* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk.