Lightning Alerts

Lightning Alerts is a custom designed service to help you find the fastest moving stocks in the shortest amount of time. Our focus here is to meticulously research and uncover stocks that have huge upside potential. This service is led by Kyle Dennis, Millionaire trader and Biotech Expert, and Keith Kern, who has almost 20 years of successful trading experience under his belt.

What you get when you join our Lightning Alerts program

2 Expertly Crafted Watch Lists

Kyle and Keith will both curate their own stock watch lists of stocks with the best technical setups. The best Buy, Hold, and Sell Zones will also be identified to simplify the trading process. Overall commentary on the stock market indices and ETF’s are also provided.

State of the art chat room

We have developed a state of the art chat room specifically for Lightning Alerts. In Lightning chat, you will be joined by a huge community of traders like yourself. Trades will be posted live through a written trading feed and also spoken over audio!

Buy/Sell Alerts Via Text and Email

You’ll receive alerts directly to your inbox with information on the exact stocks Kyle is buying. The volume of alerts will fluctuate depending on market conditions. These alerts will be sent to you by email and text message, so you won’t miss another profitable trading opportunity. And when it’s time to exit a stock, Kyle will personally send you a sell alert via email and text message. This way, you’ll have the best possible opportunity to cash in when market conditions are right, and the stock is ready for profit-taking.

Live Day Trading with Keith Kern

Keith Kern has a three pronged day trading approach. His first strategy involves him identifying the best chart setups the previous night and labelling important levels to watch that would trigger a stock to go higher. In his second strategy he monitors options activity to signal to him which stocks might go higher intraday. Lastly, in his third strategy he scans for the best intraday setups based on news and volume. All his ideas and strategies are posted in the Lightning Chat Room, displayed on his trading screen, and discussed throughout the day.

Educational Content

Kyle and Keith are committed to teaching subscribers their methods and trading styles. There are both short and long videos that detail the in’s and out’s of the market to help you become a profitable and consistent trader.

Meet the team


Kyle Dennis

Kyle Dennis is Multimillion Dollar stock trader, investor, and mentor. Over the last 4 years Kyle has effectively taken his trading account from $15,000 to over $3,000,000 in trading profits. He brings expert insight on the Biotech Sector as well as every other sector in the market. He uses his unique strategies and research to uncover stocks with enormous growth potential.

Kyle has an 82% success rate and over $200,000 in verified profits alongside his members.


Keith Kern

Keith Kern has taught and mentored traders to become more profitable and effective. With over 20 years of trading experience, Keith has learned strategies to help limit risks and maximize rewards. We are incredibly excited to have Keith join Biotech Breakouts, and help our members become even more profitable.

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Best for Active Traders

Lightning Alerts

$ 129 / monthly

What you get as a Lightning Alerts member:

  • Kyle and Keith’s Daily Watch List
  • Index and ETF Analysis
  • Fast Moving Swing Trades Alerted via Email and Text
  • State of the Art Day Trading Chat Room
  • 1 – 3 Day Swing Trades and Day Trades


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