Let 2 Millionaire Stock Traders Armed With Cutting Edge Chatroom Technology Lead You to Lightning-Fast Profits!

Kyle Dennis

Keith Kern


Get Fast Trade Alerts When Profitable Opportunities Arise

State of-the-art Chatroom

Unlike most other services that make only simulated trades, our experts teach you how to trade in our new state-of-the-art chat room, using real money. To make things even easier, they post all trades through a written trading feed. They also explain their trades play by play via audio! Making you a more successful trader is their priority!

Community of Active Traders

As a member, you’ll belong to a private community of active traders just like yourself. Not only will you be “tapped into” some of the today’s fastest-moving trading action, but any limiting beliefs you may have, will be blown away as you watch Kyle, Keith and other LA members making killer profits day in and day out!

Expert Insights & Strategies

Let’s face it, anybody can buy a $20 book on “how” to trade stocks. So why would you pay for a live service like Lightning Alerts? Simple, you don’t need outdated information. You want fast access to up-to-the-minute insights and strategies from leading experts who are extracting maximum profits from the markets, right now!

Exclusive Educational Content

Although Kyle & Keith have already made millions, and they could easily retire young and rich, they really love sharing their methods and trading styles with LA members. And that’s why they’re giving you full access to video content showing you their secrets to becoming a more successful and profitable trader.

What You Get With Your Lightning Alerts Membership

2 Carefully-Curated Watch Lists


Imagine how successful you could be if you had access to the stock watch lists of two millionaire traders. Well now you can!

As a member of Lightning Alerts, you’ll have full access to Kyle and Keith’s carefully-researched personal stock watch lists complete with optimal technical setups.

Buy, hold, and sell zones will be clearly identified to help you easily understand their market-proven trading process.

In addition, our experts provide overall commentary on stock market indexes, as well as ETF’s. Insights likes these give you a better understanding of the markets on both a macro and micro level.

Real-Time Lighting BUY/SELL Alerts via Email + Text Message with Kyle Dennis


Every successful trader knows that TIMING is a critical part of making winning trades.

As a paying Lightning Alerts member, we’ll send trade alerts directly to your inbox and mobile device with actionable information on the exact stocks our experts are buying and selling. Of course, the volume of alerts will fluctuate depending on market conditions.

These up-to-the-minute alerts will be sent to you by both email and text message, giving you fast access to the lucrative trading opportunities we uncover, and are trading personally.

As you can see, our goal is to share with you an ongoing stream of opportunities to profit when market conditions are just right, and when specifc stocks are ripe and ready for profit-taking.

Live Day Trading with Keith Kern


During his 20+ year career, Keith has refined and perfected a proven 3-pronged approach to successful day trading:

1 – He identifies the best chart setups the night before the market opens. He also labels important levels to watch that could trigger a stock to go higher.

2 – He monitors options activity that could signal which stocks may go higher intraday.

3 – He scans for the best intraday setups based on current news events and the level of trading volume.

To make things easier, Keith posts his best ideas and strategies inside the Lightning Chat Room. He also shows them on his screen, and explains what he’s doing throughout the trading day.

No smoke and mirrors. Just total transparency. You get live
access to real experts, making real trades, with real money.

What Lightning Alert Members Are Saying

Billy Hitchcock

“Loving this service, some good traders in here. Thanks again guys!”

Rich Benner

“My big wins this year since joining your service are LXRX for $5K and GNMX for $5K. I have been swing trading AEZS and TXMD, I am up $1.5K in AEZS and $5K in TXMD. There is still time for the catalyst, so I have not completely closed out those positions.”

Duke Ashton

“AVEO out at 2.10 from 1.49 very nice 47% up”

Kevin Klar

“Thanks for the pick $ACRX up $12,000.”

Allen Martis

“Since joining your membership 2 weeks ago and trading only 7 days so far made a cool $4,495 in profits…small profits add up
…thank you.“

Matt Padget

“+$3500 on SPEX, awesome! “

Get started today, and let us help you achieve your personal income and wealth-building goals


Lightning Alerts is a day and short term swing trading service designed for trigger-happy traders who want profitable opportunities day in and day out. Custom designed chat room is included!

  • Lightning Chat Room
    Custom-built especially for this service
  • 2 Daily Watchlists
    Kyle & Keith each curate watchlists
  • Real-Time Lightning Buy Alerts
    Via Email + Text Message
  • Real-Time Lightning Sell Alerts
    Via Email + Text Message
  • Day Trades and Short-Term Swing Trades