Learn the 3-Step Plan I Used to Turn $15,253 into $3,729,076 Trading Biotech Stocks!

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Join Me and Discover:

  • > The 3-Step Plan for winning biotech trades
  • > Where to hunt down the perfect catalyst event*
  • > Ways to isolate a high-probability bullish pattern*
  • > How to WIN the risk vs. reward calculation*
  • > What you can do to amplify your profits*
  • > REAL EXAMPLES of my recent trades!
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Meet Your Host

Kyle Dennis

My name is Kyle Dennis, I'm only 27 years old, but as you’ll learn in my training, I’m exponentially more qualified to teach you how to trade biotech stocks than anyone else you’ll ever meet thanks to my trifold education in biotech, finance, and technical charting.* I'll let my consistent results serve as evidence...

There is a toxic, wide-held belief regarding what profit opportunities are ‘realistic’... DO NOT believe the masses. There ARE secrets to trading in niches that generate astounding returns while still managing risk carefully... I'm the master of the biotech niche... and I'm on year 5 of unrealistic profits.*

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At the end of this training, you'll get access to Kyle's: Advanced Training Videos AND his $2.9 Million Playbook,

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My 4-year 24,761% return will shatter your beliefs on 'realistic' profits.

In 2016, Kyle was awarded porsche 911 for winning the million dollar challenege!

Quickest trader to make $1 million amongst 10,000 contestants

“I turned $15,000 into $3,729,076+ trading biotech stocks… without setting foot on wall street” - Kyle Dennis

My 3-Step Plan + A Winning Market =

Massive Profit Potential

  1. Downright Outperformance

    Over the last 5 years, biotech has drastically outperformed the S&P 500. The biotech index is up over 200%, while the S&P index is up about 90%.

  2. Constant Acquisitions

    Large cap Biotech companies continue to grow through acquisition of developmental Biotech companies.

  3. Release Date Growth

    Biotech stocks can have huge gains on a release, they usually trend higher towards the date. We can capture large gains without taking risk of holding through the date.

  4. An Information Advantage

    You’ll rarely see them being talked about on CNBC and other major media outlets. This gives individual investors like you and me an edge when it comes to research.* Additionally, many of these companies are too small for bigger institutions and hedge funds to invest in.

  5. The Small Cap Benefit

    Most Biotech companies are valued at under $1 billion, which means any positive catalysts or news about the company can be very important. Also, the share structures of these companies, and the relatively low number of outstanding shares, make it possible for traders to take advantage of extended moves and short squeezes.*

  6. Equity Protection via Partnerships

    Big pharmaceutical companies have been partnering with smaller Biotech companies helping them to further develop their pipeline of drugs. Sometimes, these small companies can develop a new drug without using much of their own money. This means a new drug could potentially go through clinical trials with little dilution to shareholders.

  7. Profit Opportunity of Drug Exclusivity

    When a new drug gets approved by the FDA, the company is protected for a period of time in which a generic cannot be produced or sold to the general public. That gives the drug exclusivity and if this happens to be a new treatment, the company can sell the drug without any competition. This makes developing a drug a very profitable venture, once it gets approved.

  8. Continuous Demand of Breakthrough Technology

    There is a continuous stream of new technology being developed by Biotech companies. Some of these new developments are giving us hope that will be able to better treat cancer, and even edit human genes.*

  9. Supportive Trend of the Sector

    Everybody knows the U.S. population is aging. It’s easy to see how this constant influx of new older patients will be a positive catalyst for healthcare & biotechnology companies.*

  10. Increasing FDA Approval Rate

    Over the last 10 years, the Food & Drug Administration has been quite lenient when approving new drugs. The last 5 years has seen record levels of drug approval, and this leniency has made these small cap biotech companies a lot more valuable.*

Learn the 3-STEP PLAN I used to make a 24,761% return in 4 years!

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