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Whether you’ve traded biotech stocks or have yet to explore this unique and lucrative corner of the market, this playbook reveals how you can potentially generate what some call ‘unrealistic’ profits…*

Inside you’ll discover how expert trader Kyle Dennis turned $15,253 into over $2,900,000 Trading Biotech Stocks. Download the playbook now and get a step-by-step walkthrough of how Kyle selects upcoming biotech catalyst events to catch potentially explosive profit opportunities.

In this 46 page playbook, you’ll learn:

  • The Basics of Trading Biotech Stocks*
  • The Secret to Kyle’s 18,912% Return
  • 10 Reasons Why Biotech Can Be Lucrative
  • Powerful ‘Catalyst’ Profit Strategies
  • How to Find Upcoming Biotech Catalysts That Drive Price Movement*
  • Step-by-Step Methods to WIN Your Valuation*

About the Author

Kyle Dennis
Founder of Biotech Breakouts

At just 27 years old Kyle has already earned millions from trading biotech stocks alone. His unique background in biotechnology, finance, and technical charting, gives him special insight into the biotech sector, which he uses to win a significant amount of highly profitable trades.*

Kyle’s mission is to teach investors and stock traders like yourself how to discover, track and evaluate today’s hottest biotech companies on your own, so you can start trading your own stocks for exceptional profits. In the last few years, Kyle has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, The Street, Seeking Alpha and The Money Show to tell his remarkable story.*

Kyle's Stunning Track Record

Kyle's strategies are backed by a proven track record of success and verified trading profits













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Jeff Bishop
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