It Pays To Follow The “Smart Money” 🤑

by | Sep 29, 2020


Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) was one of the hottest stocks on Monday after it skyrocketed and closed 25% higher.

Options traders were jumping into calls left and right, and more than 274K calls traded…

I looked at my “smart money” scanner to see if there were any specific trades that looked interesting, and there were two specific orders that looked interesting.

I want to show you how I locked in a 50% winner in less than 30 minutes, SPCE on Tuesday morning…*



Can SPCE Take Off From Here?


Although SPCE wasn’t popping off as it did on Monday, I think we’re going to see a run higher very soon.


Well, let’s turn back the clock a bit.

Shares of Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) ripped higher on Monday, gaining nearly 25% and closing at $20.51. 

All thanks to a very bullish note that Bank of America sent out to its clients



And you know what else?

Options traders were in a frenzy, as more than 274K calls traded. 

In between all that action is information. 

On my Dollar Ace Watchlist on Tuesday in the pre-market hours, I included this options activity:

2035 SPCE Oct. 2 $22 Calls For $0.50

They Paid $101,750 In Premium

Of course, that action happened on Monday, and I figured I can find a better entry than those call buyers.

At 10:22 AM ET, those calls came in a bit from the closing price on Monday.

I decided to follow the “smart money” into the trade, and I bought 100 SPCE Oct. 2 $22 calls at that price.

In less than 30 minutes, those options exploded from my entry price, and I locked in about a 50% win.*



Listen, that wasn’t the only activity that stuck out to me that indicates SPCE may be headed higher.

For example, at 10:44 AM ET on Monday, a trader came in and bought

1478 SPCE Oct $23 Calls

They Paid $1 Per Contract

For A Total Premium $148K 

But that’s not all…

This trader paid above the market’s asking price. 

That’s how badly they needed these options. 

At the time of the trade, SPCE was trading at $20.09. 

I’m going to keep an eye on SPCE, even though I locked in a 50% winner on the options play already. 

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