AMA: What’s The Right Way To Trade Biotechs & Pharmas?

by | Nov 18, 2020

With all this vaccine news out there, traders are starting to pour into biotechs and pharmas…

Thinking they’ll magically buy a vaccine-related stock, and maybe…

That name will be the talk.

When I thought about how traders may be thinking know, and I noticed this question in my inbox, “What’s The Right Way To Trade Biotechs & Pharmas?”

Of course, I just had to answer the question because I genuinely want to teach you how to trade these stocks.

You see, they actually helped jumpstart my trading — I want to show you one unique strategy I intend to implement any moment now to position myself to lock in 30%+ gains on a biotech / pharma stock on my radar.

Let me show you what I’m talking about here and answer the question that many traders have on their minds.


The Right Way To Trade Biotech & Pharma Stocks?


Let me show you what’s going on in the biotech & pharma industry now.

  • Under the Trump administration, large drugmakers saw a receptive regulatory environment in the U.S. for new drug applications and investigations pre Covid-19. 
  • The pandemic, however, had a noticeable effect on the FDA drug approval schedule: everything related to treatment or testing for Covid-19 has been assigned a priority
  • There has been a slowdown in the FDA’s pace of regular approval activities. However, it is reasonable to anticipate that the FDA will still favor an approach that aims to ease the process for drug investigations post-Covid 
  • The FDA had previously issued Digital Health Innovation Action Plan, a strategic roadmap with the goal of bringing more disruptive tech into healthcare.

    This initiative to bring tech into healthcare (i.e Apple Watch for ECG and heart rhythm detectors) is only expected to strengthen in the coming months

Everything I just stated above is catalysts for the industries. In other words, they’re reasons for specific stocks in the industry to take off.

So I mentioned how the pandemic is a major catalyst for the industry, and of course, the election plays a large role here as well…

Let me use that as an example.


It’s Important To Be Proactive Than Reactive


Most traders are reactive to these biotech / pharma headlines. They’ll see the news and just jump in.

To be quite honest with you, that’s a very dangerous game because you really don’t know how the market will interpret the news.

Just take a look at Moderna Inc. (MRNA).



They announced vaccine news, and some traders actually bought the stock when it was trading above $100… in just a matter of days, the stock dropped back to the $90 level.

That’s what’s called being reactive.

My style of trading and investing in biotech / pharma stocks is a lot different.

For example, my upcoming Sniper Report Alert is in a sub $15 biotech / pharma stock. It hasn’t made a move yet, and at these levels…

I believe the stock is grossly undervalued.

You see, there’s a major catalyst on the table for this stock — and I believe if you watch me trade this LIVE, it’ll be an invaluable experience.

That’s why I’ve decided to open up an additional 250 spots to gain access to Sniper Report

You’ll be able to watch me trade my upcoming Sniper Report POTUS Catalyst Players LIVE.

Right now, you have the chance to gain annual access to Sniper Report for just $49 (normally this costs $997).

However, given the urgent nature of this matter, I wanted to make this a no-brainer.

I can alert Sniper Report subscribers that I’ll be going LIVE any moment now to trade this pick.

Don’t miss out.


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