How I Went From
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Using These 3 Steps…

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The Anatomy of A Catalyst

I specialize in trading stocks with catalysts.  A catalyst can be new information like an earnings event, industry conference, an analyst note, an update from the company, legal action, a short-seller report or an activist investor—basically any news that has the potential to cause increased volatility and volume into a stock.  For example,...

SPAC Attack: 3 Names On My Radar

There’s one area that’s been hot, and it seems as if everyone and their brother want in on the action. No, I’m not referring to vaccine- or pandemic-related stocks. I’m actually referring to Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs).  You’ve probably heard of some...

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First, we look for what is called a “Catalyst Event”. This can be seen as the fundamental reason why a stock would go up. Typically, this is an exciting event or data release that can be expected in the near future.



The next step is to take the fundamental catalyst event we found, and pair it with a “Bullish Chart Pattern“. This can be a simple momentum, breakout, or reversal pattern that we see arising for a specific stock.



Finally, we do some additional research, so we can define the most logical buy, hold, and sell zones based on the specific risk involved. Our goal is to identify situations which have the best risk-to-reward profiles!

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“Middle-Class Millionaire”

You don’t need to be a genius to work the stock market. Sure, there’s a vast amount of information to wade through and plenty of “experts” with questionable management advice. Kyle Dennis wasn’t a market genius, but with a smart stock-trading strategy, he achieved massive profits—and you can, too.

Kyle graduated from college with $80,000 in debt and $15,000 in savings, but in a few short years he earned millions through the stock market and was debt-free. In Middle-Class Millionaire, Kyle shares his story and his guiding principles to motivate you to achieve your own success through trading. You’ll discover the types of trading, why catalyst trading is great for amateurs, and the importance of perseverance.

Whether you’re hoping to make a little bit of extra money or to quit your job and invest full-time, Kyle’s story provides the inspiration you need to reach your goal.

What BiotechBreakouts Members Are Saying

John Allen

“09:58am john all.: +3000 on adpt + INNL”

Greg Manning

“Heading out to Mexico on vacation today and wanted to get this photo to you. Love the service and Keith is amazing I took BLCM as a day trade with him yesterday and liked the chart so much I added and made it a swing trade. Taking Profits today in pre market + $1754 let Keith know for me and thanks again for all you do!“

Mario Covarrubias

“Biotech Breakouts member for life!!”

“Joining Kyle’s Biotech Breakout Service has revolutionized my trading experiences. As a new trader, I have learned so much from his educational material and from his live chats throughout the market hours. This especially has helped me tremendously as I learn what it takes to become a successful trader.

Being able to ask questions during market hours and getting live responses is priceless. Albeit, I am not consistently profitable yet, I have improved my overall trading skills and abilities, reduced my number of losing trades, improved at cutting losers early and most importantly have begun to build self-trust and thereby relinquishing the fear that troubles most beginning traders.

This service has also helped me realize that the biotech sector is the niche for me.

Thanks for all your hard work Kyle! I truly appreciate it everyday.”

Cheers, Mario C.

Jose Moreno

“Since upgrading to the nucleus service I am up $4500 in two weeks of part time trading. Your chat room is extremely educational as you provide live Q & A commentary during the market. I feel confident that one day I will be able to do this for a living. Thanks again.”

Rich Benner

“My big wins this year since joining your service are LXRX for $5K and GNMX for $5K. I have been swing trading AEZS and TXMD, I am up $1.5K in AEZS and $5K in TXMD. There is still time for the catalyst, so I have not completely closed out those positions.”

Lee Aucoin

“Little late posting, but trade CERU again for total +$1546 on the day!

Thanks again Sandman!”

Bill Wright

“Kyle, I want you to know that i appreciate and value the process of constructing trades that you are presenting. In my view, you take a calculated and patient approach to entering a trade & you are very patient & analytical about how you manage the trade. This reflects wisdom & experience, in my opinion. If this is how you have performed in the past in your swing trading & longer term trading, then you are mentoring your subscribers on a very important means by which to develop a successful style of trading. I for one am all in on learning how to plan and manage trades more profitably through your guidance.

In addition, i want to say that i really like how you communicate. I’ve been around the track many times (i’m 66, a semi-retired exec. who was originally a chemical engineer and i started to learn how to manage trading 2 1/2 yrs ago – so, i’m still a newbie.) Your demeanor, your ability to express yourself clearly & succinctly and your ability to know when communication is important & when it’s not are the reasons that i say this.

I’m really glad that i’m with you at the beginning of this because i know I’ll benefit from it as you grow in your ability to help people in trading. (But trading is just a way to make money for bigger purposes.)”

Thanks, Bill Wright