"I turned $15,253 into $2,410,718 trading Biotech stocks... without setting foot on Wall Street."

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I’m an expert at finding winning Biotech trades

And am helping subscribers across the globe discover, track, and evaluate today’s hottest Biotech companies.

BioTech Breakouts is built on a proven track record of success and verified trading profits

Here are just a few of my recent winning trades

BSPM + $11,747
BCLI + $8,911
ARLZ + $4,099
SGYP + $7,454
NYMX + $14,261
EBIO + $6,060
GNCA + $11,101
SUPN + $5,651
ILMN + $5,552
KOOL + $9,049

Past results are not indicative of future profits. This table is accurate, though not every trade is represented. Verified profits from the portfolio Kyle Dennis manages.

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Meet Kyle Dennis

Co-Founder and Director of BioTech Breakouts

With a strong background in science, finance, and technical charting, Kyle Dennis is uniquely qualified to put together high-potential BioTech trading opportunities.

He continually scans the market for the best catalysts, looks into a company’s financial filings to uncover the inside scoop of what it is doing with its capital.

He evaluates how the company is structured taking into account important factors like warrants, compensation, etc, and then calculates what kind of price movement to expect.

These critical aspects of small-cap trading are typically overlooked by the vast majority of traders and investors. Especially beginners.

By taking this time-tested, systematic approach, Kyle creates a unique synergy of these 3 key aspects to deliver his clients and subscribers trading opportunities that offer a high probablity of success with favorable risk to reward ratios.

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What other top traders are saying about Kyle Dennis and BioTech Breakouts

Jason Bond

I've had the privilege of trading alongside Kyle for nearly 3 years now. In that time I've seen him grow a $15,000 account to nearly $2 million at the age of 26. He's an amazing trader and wonderful teacher of trading as well. He's spent countless hours teaching Jason Bond Picks clients and has a big following in my service.

Jeff Bishop

One of the first trade alerts I got from Kyle was on biotech stocks MRNS and BLRX a few weeks ago. After doing my own research, I bought both of them with a speculative bet of $24k. In less than a month I'm now sitting on OVER $35,000 on these trades. Thanks so much Kyle! Keep them coming!!!

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